1. Interdigitation

2. Concentration City

3. Toxious Nanoworm

4. Microvoid 1


Download available here.


This EP contains a selection of largely improvised pieces, using prepared electronic audio files and analog synthesizers.

Microvoid 1 was recorded using a micro-controller designed and programmed by Alistair Riddell. I was using this (controlling a Kurzweil K2500 module) for a performance at the first Articulating Space event at Footscray Community Arts Centre in March 2001. This piece was recorded the day after the performance, using some of the same sound source material (including some samples of OsCar sounds provided by Andrew Belcher).

Concentration City was one of the first recordings I did using the Ableton Live software, through which the ARP 2600 synth was also processed live.

The remaining two pieces were recorded this year (2005) - Toxious Nanoworm also centred around ARP 2600 (processed digitally in real time).

The sleeve photo was taken at Lakefield National Park (12 mile waterhole), Cape York Peninsula (QLD) in May 2005.