Steve Law began experimenting with music making at the age of 15 in 1982, after discovering and becoming fascinated by electronic music. He began to record a series of cassettes, using whatever limited resources were available. The equipment for the early recordings consisted of nothing more than 2 ghetto blasters, a short-wave radio, kitchen utensils, a home-made percussion kit and various other sound-producing objects. In 1983 he obtained his first synthesizer (a Realistic/Moog MG-1 which he still uses today), and quickly learnt the basics of analog synthesis. By 1985 Steve was regularly renting electronic studio equipment, and spent many a sleepless weekend obsessively recording before having to return the equipment on Monday. After many such weekends, Steve's knowledge and recording techniques really began to develop. It's been a very gradual journey since those early days, but over the years Steve Law has developed a reputation as one of the leading exponents of electronic music in Australia, and since the early 1990's that reputation has spread beyond Australia's shores via his successful Zen Paradox project. Today Steve reserves his more personal and eclectic work for release under his own name, as well as his more avant-garde electronic compositions. Most of the early cassette recordings remain unreleased, however if there is sufficient interest a selection of music from this early period may be re-mastered and released on CD.




- Constricted in a narrow passage (demo tape with limited circulation) 1986


- News from the sun L.P. (1996, Seraphic PHIC 003) CD only

- Solitary L.P. (1998, Solitary BUG 100) CD only

- The Fragile Soul L.P. (1999, Solitary BUG 102) CD only

- The End of the Nineties L.P. (1999, Solitary BUG 109) CD only

- Architecture of Loneliness L.P. (2000, Solitary BUG 110) CD only

- Toxic Daguerreotypes E.P. (2005, Secession SR:008) mp3

Tracks on compilations:

- Deflection (with Peter Johnson) (from 3PBS radio benefit cassette, 1989)

- Twilight Raga (from 3PBS radio benefit cassette, 1991)

- Melodrama X (with Mai-Linh Cleary) (from Trance Pacific Express double CD, 1997, Deviant DVNT20)

- Chiron (Mix C) (with Kazu Kimura) (from DJ Excursions 3 double CD, 1998, Mds)

- Urbania (from Anthology of Australian Music on Disc, CSM:35, Electroacoustic Music CD, 1999, Canberra School of Music)

- Maximum Incontinence (from First Iteration CD, 1999, Solitary BUG 108)

- Bare (Solitary mix) (with Marcella) (from Reaction Hero CD, 2001, If? IF018)

- Allopatric Speciation of Language (from Communication Problems double CD, 2002, Vibragun vin003)

- The Opaline Forest (live) (from Outer 05 CD, 2004, Bus)

- Under a Pylon (from Singing Bridges, Vibrations:Variations - Jodi Rose, 2005, Sonic Art Star SAS001)

Further information on various Steve Law music projects and performances can be found here.