1. The Fragile Heart

2. C1-2

3. Birthstone

4. Insect Jewel

5. Psoriasis

6. Misunderstanding in Wan Chai

7. Chocolate Teardrop Eyes

8. Bittangabee

9. The First Mistake

10. Victory?

Originally recorded as a Zen Paradox album, The Fragile Soul was turned down by Nova Zembla as they were seeking something more dancefloor oriented. The original Zen Paradox version contained the tracks End-Game and Aurora-D, which were then released on the Catharsis album. It also contained a track called Delias Aganippe (which remains un-released at this stage). These tracks were replaced with C1-2, Psoriasis and Misunderstanding in Wan Chai (which had been submitted to Rephlex for release as an E.P after they expressed a lot of interest in the piece C1-2) for the final released version as a Steve Law album. All titles recorded between January and April 1996, except C1-2 recorded July 1995.