1. Out of Bounds (longer)

2. Operation 3

3. Epidermis

4. Urbania

5. Fender Bender

6. A Familiar Stranger

7. Soft Underbelly

8. Funny Bones

9. Muto

10.Operation 4

11.Another lost Moment of Madness (3799)


13.Empty Spaces

14.6pm/4 Days


This album contains a selection of pieces recorded for various purposes between 1995 - 1999. Epidermis and 6pm/4Days are from the Mutagenic Mind album My Skin is not My Own, while Fender Bender is from the Solitary album. Urbania was the winning composition for the 1996 ABC computer music award. A Familiar Stranger, Soft Underbelly and Funny Bones are all from the soundtrack of the short horror film Picture This, directed by Matt Ellis. Distance and Empty spaces were composed for the Danceworks/Stompin' Youth dance production Distance, which was performed at the 1998 Next Wave festival in Melbourne, as well as a couple of performances in Launceston. Muto was the title work for an interactive CDRom project by digital artist Kathryn Mew. Out of Bounds (longer) is an extended version of a Zen Paradox track originally intended for release on the Legal Alien album.