1. Aedeagus

2. Metropol 2

3. Sheshtikeflefti

4. Operation 5

5. Singing Statue 3

6. Rhythmic Speciation

7. Chorionic Architecture

8. Talkback

9. Acraea Andromacha

10.Metropol 1

11.Light's Second Death

12.The Opaque Stillness


Another eclectic mix of music recorded for my friend, Andy Belcher. These tracks were recorded between June + September 2000. As with the Solitary album, this album ranges from electro/techno (Rhythmic Speciation, Chorionic Architecture) to soundscapes such as Metropol 2 and Light's Second Death, and harsher tracks such as Operation 5 and Talkback. Light's Second Death is actually a re-working of the track I submitted to Ars-Electronica 2000. This is an extended (20 minute) and quite disturbingly intense piece of music.