1. Removed from Essence

2. Insect Society

3. Twisted Cruller

4. Vagrant's Aspect 1

5. Dourif

6. Unhinged

7. Raunchy Nerves

8. Affection for the Disenchanted

9. Theatre of Loneliness

10.Fragments of Seeking

11.Combust under Evil Planets

12.Casting Shadows

13.Vagrant's Aspect 2

14.Hidden from the World


This L.P. was recorded at the Solitary studio from April to July 2001. Almost all of the sounds on the LP were derived from mini-disc field recordings and recordings of an Oscar synth made by Andrew Belcher in the early part of 2001. These recordings were then transferred to hard disk from mini disc or cassette (many of the Oscar sounds were originally recorded by Andrew onto cassette). Steve and Andrew then proceeded to edit, process and arrange the resulting audio files into compositions using Logic Audio and a number of other DSP programs. Steve also added a few additional sounds from the Kurzweil (including processed samples of the original mini-disc recordings) and a Jupiter 6. However, almost all of the synthetic sounds were produced on the Oscar, and most of the remaining sounds were derived from Andrew's field recordings. The end result is an album of unsettling soundscapes, almost totally devoid of percussion, though there are a number of rhythmic sequences generated on the Oscar.