1. Tran Zit

2. Tube Tribe

3. Epidermis

4. H2SO4

5. Sulphuric Aftermath

6. 4/4

7. Mutating Acid is Fun

8. Sinking Soul

9. HNO3

10. 6PM

11. 4 Days

12. Egg Zit

The original tracks on this album were recorded between May and July of 1995, however it was later decided to include the tracks Mutating Acid is Fun and Epidermis, which were recorded in November 1995 and February 1996 respectively. The tracks C1-2 (released on The Fragile Soul) and Pearl of Awareness (released on Bleak Perspectives Vol. 1) were originally included on this album. Some additional modifications were made to some of the tracks (Sulphuric Aftermath, 4/4 and 4 Days) just prior to mastering in February 1996. The original plan was for the album to be released on Iridium (a sub-label of Dorobo), however this fell through for various reasons. Later in 1996 it was set for release on the Helix label from Sydney, however this also fell through due to lack of funding. The sound of the album ranges from intense acid to harsh experimentation and eerie soundscapes.