1. Terminal Dawn

2. Deep End

3. No Future?

4. Nitric Aftermath

5. Bludgeon

6. Elektrelixir

7. Mekanik

8. Pearl of Awareness

9. H2SO4 (concentrated mix)

10. Singing Statue 1

This album contains a collection of tracks recorded during 1995, including all four tracks from the Terminal Dawn E.P originally released on Kromode (Italy). It also contains the track Nitric Atermath, originally released on the Zeitgeist Vol. 2 compilation on IF? records (an alternate version of Elektrelixir titled Elektrelixling was also released on this compilation). The remaining tracks were tracks without a home from the same period , which seemed to fit in with the bleak sound of the other pieces. This is the first in a planned series of releases intended to evoke images of the darker and more industrialised side of Melbourne and life within.