This is a collaboration between Steve Law and Andrew Orion. Andrew Orion also performed with Guild of Fire in 1988/89. He was a member of Ash Wednesday's electronic group Modern Jazz in the early 1980's, and has been producing ambient music since the mid 1980's. Only one album has been recorded, however Steve Law and Andrew Orion commenced recording a second Starseed Transmission album in August 1995, but only one track (Anthestrian Twilight) was completed, and remains unreleased to date. The duo only performed live on one occasion, at Little Reata's in Melbourne on 18/12/1994. This performance consisted of extended improvised pieces, and was recorded live to DAT. Two other performances in Europe (9/10/1994 at The Ambient Weekend, Melkweg, Amsterdam, and at Copenhagen planetarium on 31/10/1994) were billed as Starseed Transmission, however only Steve Law performed as Andrew Orion couldn't make it to Europe.



- Metamorphic Illumination L.P. (1994, Nova Zembla NZ012) CD only

Tracks on compilations:

- Etherea 2 (from Dungeon of Delight double CD and vinyl, 1994, Nova Zembla NZ010)

- Live in Melbourne (part two) (from Awakenings 2006 Volume 1 double CD, 2005, Ambientlive)