This is a collaboration between two of Melbourne's most prominent electronic artists, Steve Law and Voiteck (aka TD5). Voiteck is very active in the Melbourne techno/electronic scene, and has released many recordings on a number of labels,.including his own, Truck Music. The pair have performed live together on a few occasions, including a memorable performance of chaotic acid experimentation at the Mayhem party on 30/4/1994, which was the first time they worked together. Since then Steve and Voiteck have developed a friendship that goes betond their musical collaborations, and are both committed to pushing the electronic sound of Melbourne further.....



- Endless Mission L.P. (1995, April Records APR 006) CD only

- Antechinus L.P. (release details to be confirmed)

Tracks on compilations:

- Beyond the Infinite (warp cruise mix) (from Zeitgeist CD, 1995, If? IF01, Nova Zembla NZ047 Cd and double vinyl)

- Neuro Squelcho (from Zeitgeist 2 double CD, 1996, If? IF004, Nova Zembla NZ double CD and vinyl)

The following tracks already released by The Sonic Voyagers also appeared on the following compilations:

- The Collection, 1997, April Records APR0009 (contained the track Endless Mission part 1 - incorrectly listed as Endless Mission part 2)