This is a collaboration between Steve Law and Reynaldo Tan (both playing various electronic instruments), which began in early 1986 and continued until the end of 1989. A number of cassettes were recorded before the first official cassette release in 1987. Guild of Fire performed live on 3 occasions. The first performance was a live to air on 3PBS FM public radio on 13/12/1988. A recording of this performance still exists. This was followed by a performance at The Green Man in Malvern, Melbourne, in March 1989. At this time The Green Man (which no longer exists) had a regular weekly ambient night, where several Melbourne ambient/electronic artists performed. The final Guild of Fire live performance was an audio-visual event at Monash Union Theatre, Monash University (Melbourne) on 10/6/1989. This performance was digitally recorded and video-taped (stills from the video can be viewed here). Andrew Orion also did a solo support performance of ambient electronic music prior to the Guild of Fire performance. He also performed live with Guild of Fire on all three occasions. All three performances were totally live (no backing tapes).



- Primitive prophecy L.P. (1987, Prophecy Productions GF 0001) cassette only

- Dreamland L.P. (1988, Prophecy Productions GF 0002) cassette only

Tracks on compilations:

- Nocturnal awakening (from 3PBS radio benefit cassette, 1989)