1. Intro

2. Rocket U.S.A. (radio edit)

3. Television

4. Money

5. London

6. Hyper-reality 1994

7. Exit

8. Rocket U.S.A. (quarterback mix)

This L.P. was an attempt to capture the live sound of Foil in 1994. All the tracks were recorded live to multi-track, most of the electronic material having been pre-recorded and mixed by Steve Law onto DAT. The resulting final mix ended up sounding very rough and quite muddy at times, however this was the intention of the band at the time. Rocket U.S.A. is a cover version of the Suicide song written by Alan Vega and Martin Rev. This album also featured James Lee on guitar (who later became a permanent member of Foil). Steve Law had already left the band by the time this album was released, and wasn't present for most of the final mix-down. Foil went on to release one more single in 1995 (Ace of spades/High rise) before disbanding.