Foil was formed by Andrew Coates and Steve Law in May 1990. Neil Boyack and Chris Grierson joined about a month later, and the line-up in early 1994, which is when Steve Law left the band, was as follows: Andrew Coates: vocals Steve Law: electronics, programming Neil Boyack: guitar Chris Grierson: bass

In their early period, Foil were uncompromising and chaotic, drawing influences from the industrial experimentation of people like Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire, and became known for their intense and unpredictable live performances in various venues around Melbourne. Steve would mix the entire band on-stage (including the vocals and guitars), heavily treating all the sounds being generated, somewhat similar to the technique of On-U-Sound's Adrian Sherwood. By 1992 however, songs were beginning to form out of the chaos, and Foil gradually began to adopt more conventional recording and performing techniques. The desire of the rest of the band to move more in this direction, along with the increasing success of Zen paradox, were the main reasons for Steve Law's departure from the band in 1994. Further information on Foil (including the period after Steve Law's departure) can be found here.



- Coldbringer L.P. (1992, Foil CD-001) CD only

- Affirmative E.P. (1993, Foil CD-002) CD only

- Rocket U.S.A. L.P. (1994, Dark Oceans Productions, DOP 003) CD only

Tracks on Compilations:

- Crash (instrumental) (from 3PBS radio benefit cassette, 1991)

- London (demo version) (from 3PBS radio benefit cassette, 1991)

- Holy state (live) (from Screaming at the mirror 3 CD, 1992, Giggle records Giggle 021)

- Drug swamp (from The Yammouni Files cassette, 1992)

- Rocket U.S.A. (death pattern mix) (from Trash Trance CD, 1994, PBS Recordings PBS-001)