1. Atrophied moonrise

2. Crash

3. Rayguns nightmare

4. Holy state

5. London

6. Ice flow

7. On line

8. Five Seconds

9. 4000 M.P.H.

10. P.C.P. flash back

11. London (spatial)

12. Epilogue

This L.P. was recorded between 1990 and 1992. Most of the tracks were co-produced with Gus Till (then one half of Third Eye) at Hyper-reality studio in Melbourne, August 1991. The other tracks were recorded at Foil's rehearsal space in Fitzroy, Melbourne, except for Epilogue which was recorded live by Vladimir Tittl on a Sony Walkman at one of Foil's first gigs in 1990 (at the Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood). The album is a fairly good representation of the early sound of Foil, though there are many experimental recordings from 1990/1991 which remain un-released.